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Patient Compliance Reminders and Social Media

By | Professional, Strategy | 5 Comments

Ensuring that patients adhere to their specialty-drug therapy program is a manual, time intensive and sometimes ineffective task. The traditional methods of telephone calls and direct mail letters no longer apply to today’s social patient. The social patient needs to be connected within the communications medium they are most comfortable: social media. My idea reaches out and improves communication to the social patient: deliver program compliance reminders in a secure way (protect ePHI for HIPPA compliance) to the patient via a medium where they are most likely to consume the content.

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Glow worms and Black Water Rafting!

By | Personal | 2 Comments

Arriving at the launch spot for our tour it all began to sink in for what we were about to do… we were about to take a tour in the caves of new zealand doing a combination of jumping, tubing, swimming and more all in an effort to see maggot secretions that glow in the dark while it was about 6 degrees centigrade outside (50 F) and with the water nearly freezing!

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Zorbing and Shweebing

By | Personal | One Comment

Upon arrival to Rotorua we drove out to the Agrodome to begin out adventure sports. First up? The zorb! For those not familiar with zorbing you are essentially placed into a huge plastic ball with a pseudo womb inside that is filled with some water (so you can fly around inside) and buffeted with air to cushion the ride down the hill. So, in 4 degree centigrade weather (thats about 40 degrees fahrenheit using a quick conversion) we changed into outré swimsuits and were driven to the top of the mountain to fall down it in our zorb balls!

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Crossing the International Date Line

By | Personal | 2 Comments

My flight on 4 June 2010 to New Zealand from Los Angeles was my first time to ever cross the international date line. It is somewhat a weird experience to simply lose an entire day just by flying over a line; however, it does give me the advantage of being one of the first people in the whole world to see the sunrise each day!

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