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Social 201: Building Value with Twitter

Welcome to Social 201, the second post in a five-post series about mastering social to build your personal/professional brand eminence.

Social 201: Building Value with Twitter
In Social 101 we learned why and how you should use Twitter, how you can connect and engage with others, and began to build an understanding of what you should post. This next post builds on this knowledge by discussing how you build relationships, how to find topics/areas of interest, and how you engage for maximum value in conversations

What is all this talk about building relationships on Twitter? What does it mean and how do I do it?
Building relationships on Twitter is all about getting across who you are, or what you want to talk about, 140 characters at a time; however, it is not necessarily just about the 140 characters

  • Remember that bio from Social 101? Yes, you need to fill it out and read other’s bios also!
    • Once you have started following people they will begin mentioning others and RT’ing their content. Click their names and read their bio, view their website if they have one listed and read a few of their tweets. Find something interesting? Send them a mention!
  • Speaking of websites, build one, even a simple one OR publish blogs or other media for your company – anything you can link to
    • You need to tell people about yourself and create a space for people to read more about you and the content you have to share. Writing content (even small blogs) invites others into the conversation and allows people to see who you are, how you think, and build connections
  • Engage, just do it
    • I spoke in Social 101 about how to start engaging and now I’m here to tell you to just do it. You really do not need a master plan, just start replying to people when you see something interesting or have something of interest to say. Participate in twitter chats, engage with brands who are active, and reply to your friends and colleagues; the relationships will build naturally, easily, and quickly. If you do not engage, no one can find you

Wait, what is a Twitter chat and how do I find one? Actually, how do I find anything on Twitter?
Finding anything on Twitter is as simple as searching for it! Well, that and following accounts that regularly publish activities to engage in

  • Twitter’s advanced search is the single most underutilized feature of Twitter
    • Twitter’s advanced search can help you find anything of interest for you with localization, language and even sentiment preferences. E.g. I want to find people talking about Salesforce in Dallas, TX – simple, I type in “salesforce” into the “all of these words” box and “75201” – the local Dallas zip code for downtown – into the “near this place box” and click search. And the results? All the people talking about Salesforce within 15 miles of the zip code I entered… how’s that for finding people? Go ahead, try it yourself!
  • Follow accounts/brands that do a great job of engaging on Twitter and are brands that you care about
    • Take some of your favorite brands and search for them on Twitter. The more active brands will post photos, RT content from others and publish new blogs on their twitter feeds. In fact, some of my favorites (@spg, @salesforce, @marketing cloud) even build personal relationships over time that make it even easier to get involved in the conversation
  • Get involved in self-formed communities and twitter chats using hashtags
    • Not every company/brand/interest will have a community but if they do, find it and get involved! How? Follow the brand and see if they share content or just @mention them and ask if they have a community hashtag then post using the tag. Secondly, those brands I told you to find? Well, many of them host their own twitter chats using hashtags from time to time; watch for them and participate and see your network grow quickly!

Ok, I’ve found a few accounts, my profile is set and I’m following a good starter list. What do I do now aside from just saying “hi” to people?
Well, for starters, say more than hi! Add value and share items of interest

  • People love opinions, do not be afraid to have and share yours!
    • Ok, maybe not everyone loves opinions but sharing them can be a great way to build relationships and spark an active discussion. Disagree with an article on the future of healthcare? Agree with an op-ed on the social economy? Share the article with a small blurb on why. Need more room? Write a blog post then share the link with credit also to the original article. Make your voice heard and let people add theirs!
  • Sometimes, just sharing content is enough
    • Just read a great influencer post on LinkedIn? Have a fascinating article that captivated your interest? Share it! There is a good chance that people in your network on Twitter will want to hear the things you are interested in if they are interested in you so it’s great to just share good content.

Now, get out there and start sharing more content, participate in a twitter chat, and start following some brands. Then, let’s continue the conversation! Follow and engage with me on Twitter, leave a comment below, or send me an email via my contact page.

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