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Mobile Device Operating System Profiles

By September 9, 2011Professional, Strategy

Idea: Create login profiles for mobile device operating systems similar to the login profiles for laptop and desktop computer systems. This creates the ability to segment applications, data and metadata by profile which would eliminate the need to carry multiple devices to accomplish the same task.

Background: I’ve always been reluctant to procure a corporate cellular device because (1) I do not want to lose control of my hardware selection (which I upgrade at my own cost) (2) I wish to maintain my own set of personal applications and data (such as personal address books and emails, banking apps) and not store these on a corporate device and (3) I do not want to burden myself (and be wasteful to the environment) by carrying multiple devices.

CIOs and other information technology leaders cite concerns over corporate data security and helpdesk device support as reasons for requiring the use of an employer provided mobile device for conducting business on the go. Corporate procurement departments maintain that they secure better pricing for the devices, plans and therefore discourage, or refuse to approve, the expensing of personal devices used for business purposes. This then creates a divide between the corporate and personal worlds of mobile interaction which is currently only truly solved by using two separate devices or using your corporate device for occasional personal use. A solution that I view as less than desirable.

Ideation: Upon logging in to my MacBook Air a few weeks ago I was presented with the familiar login screen of either my name or a guest account and I immediately thought to myself “why aren’t mobile devices like this?”. Sure, I unlock my phone but I do not have the choice to have multiple profiles (disclosure: I use an iPhone and an iPad; however, these comments are applicable across any mobile OS). So my question was quite simple: why do I not have this option? The mobile corporate and personal divide would be solved! I would be able to maintain ownership and selection of my hardware devices, my personal data would be segmented from my business data and corporate security and information technology entities would maintain the necessary security rights to secure their data when needed.

This segmentation is of ever-increasing importance given the proliferation of social sharing tools that are available and more deeply integrated into mobile operating systems. So, which mobile OS developer (calling Google, Apple and others) is going to implement this first and allow me to keep my own device while segmenting my personal and corporate mobile lives?

Corey Rawdon

Corey Rawdon

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