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#MCCSM Advisory Board Application

By October 13, 2010Professional, Strategy

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (MCCSM) has crowdsourced the application process for the final 12 seats of their external advisory board. This blog post (and associated video) serves as my application.

My application is based on three primary themes: (1) my role as an ideation strategist, (2) my six sigma and marketing background and (3) my passion, knowledge and experience with social media.

Ideation Strategy
The MCCSM was established to lead the social media revolution in healthcare. As an ideation strategist and thought-leader in the social media space I will help shape actionable ideas, create innovative use-cases and troubleshoot campaigns/tracks that have gone awry. An example of my ideation strategy can be viewed here.

Six Sigma and Marketing
I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that there aren’t many people who have a marketing degree, Six Sigma certification and PMP credential. This background will give me a unique perspective as I work alongside the board to help shape the new and emerging space of social media in healthcare. When it comes to social media use-cases, many healthcare audiences remain untapped. These include pharmaceutical wholesalers, healthcare analytics firms, payors and manufacturers. Many of these groups will look to the MCCSM for guidance on how to begin campaigns, and they will expect marketing savvy advice combined with process-oriented rigor; my perspective on the board would help fulfill this need.

Passion, Knowledge and Experience
I am a true product of the social media revolution. Twitter and Facebook have (mostly) replaced email; I look to social streams daily for news feeds and friend updates. Communicating and sharing information has never been easier. My background in technology and experience as an early adopter has afforded me the opportunity to help shape some of these information-sharing platforms. I’ll bring my advanced technical knowledge to the board and will be able to speak to and solve healthcare social media challenges present today and in the future.

In the video above, I talk about these three primary themes and the value they bring to the board. Please view, share and comment!

Want to send the Mayo Clinic a vote of confidence for my board application? Click Here. You can also retweet my original tweet or share this posting with your networks by using the social sharing widget above.

Update #2
Unfortunately I was not selected to the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Advisory Board; however, several of contacts did get accepted onto the board and I am looking forward to reading the content they produce!

Update #1
Thanks to your support my Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Advisory Board application is:

* The Top Tweet on Twitter when searching #MCCSM (The center’s hashtag) and is also the top tweet on the #hcsm and #socpharm hashtags.
* Getting much attention. At the time of this update my application has been viewed 148 times!
* The 2nd and 3rd Google search results when searching “MCCSM Advisory Board”!
* The 1st search result on YouTube when searching for “MCCSM”!

Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to support my application by emailing the Mayo Clinic, interacting with my application tweet and advertising my application on your social networks. Hopefully I will have positive news to share with you all soon.

Corey Rawdon

Corey Rawdon

About Corey Rawdon

Prolific stick-figure artist ideating methods and mechanisms to change the world—or at least make a small dent.


  • Larry Fitzgerald says:

    Did you get selected to the board?

  • Corey Rawdon says:

    Hi Larry-
    The latest news from the Mayo Clinic’s social media manager is that they are down to their final 33 candidates and they expect to make final candidate selection sometime in early January.

    They experienced an overwhelming amount of applicants for the external board and it has taken them several months to get through all of the applications.

    I am hopeful to hear news one way or the other within this month.

    Warm regards

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