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Flu + Foursquare = 2010 Flu Badge

By September 15, 2010Professional, Strategy

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers, Flu shot / medical providers and Foursquare product managers listen up; I have an idea for you!

Idea: Pharmaceutical companies and flu shot providers (or the CDC) should partner with Foursquare to create a Flu Badge that would be awarded upon a checkin including the phrase “flu shot”.

Ideation Background:
Annual flu sales have a direct bottom-line impact for pharmaceutical wholesalers, manufacturers and flu shot providers. In fact, providers and retailers will begin flu prebook sales with wholesalers up to 6 months in advance of anticipated vaccine availability. While the demand for flu vaccine remains strong the entire vaccination program is missing a key social sharing component that can help drive peer-influence, generate direct sales and educate the public on the availability and location of flu shots.

Researched conducted on Twitter in early 2010 identified several local pharmacies who were tweeting out information regarding flu shot availability including anticipated wait times at the location, special lists and other important information. Some pharmacies were also engaging in direct dialog with their followers around the types of flu vaccines available and the efficacy of such shots for themselves or their family. I view this as a great move on the part of the local pharmacies; however, I wanted to see this expand into the social realm with a broader reach.

The solution: Foursquare Flu Badges!
Simple premise: if a user includes a shout containing the phrase “flu shot” in their checkin at a predetermined list of venues the user is rewarded with the “2010 Flu Shot” badge which then propagates to the user’s Twitter and Facebook pages according to their Foursquare settings.

The flu badge concept could conceivably be widespread and open to any venue; however, a wholesaler could partner with a specific customer/provider and market the flu badge specific to that retail or provider’s chain/office. This badge could then be marketed via traditional and social channels to drive traffic directly to that specific retailer for sales of the flu vaccine. This concept would than have a direct correlation of flu badge awards to sales generated specific to the campaign. Additional awareness and potential sales are then generated by individuals within the now-badged user’s social sphere seeing the flu badge (proven Foursquare motivation) being awarded and seeing the specific location the user performed a checkin at to obtain the badge. The lead can then either engage in dialog and ask “how did you get that badge?” or could simply be motivated to go to the venue for their flu shot to receive the same badge.

Venues could be provided with marketing materials around the Foursquare badge program and be offered “Check in here” window decals similar to other Foursquare venues. If partnered with a wholesaler entire CRM campaigns could be enacted to drive flu vaccine leads via the social platform with tracking metrics and direct ties to ROI.

What do you think of this idea? Let me know in the comments!

Corey Rawdon

Corey Rawdon

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