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Waiheke Island and the last day of our trip

By June 15, 2010Personal

Ferry boats and vineyards on the island!

Check out the photos for the sights of Auckland and Waiheke Island here: NZ Auckland 2010

On our last day in Auckland we decided to take a ferry boat over to Waiheke Island to take in beautiful scenery of the island, wine and dine ourselves at Mudbrick Vineyard and enjoy more wine tastings before hopping on the flight home.

The ferry ride over reminded me a lot of the boat ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island that Noah and I had taken in the latter part of 2009. With the Sky Tower in the city skyline you’d swear you were viewing Seattle from the ferry boat and I even mistakenly said “Wow, Seattle is beautiful from here” to which Knape replied “yes, it is”. Clearly our night of clubbing had taken its toll somewhat. 🙂

Our arrival onto the island was met with anxious bus and taxi drivers ready to whisk us away to our destinations. First stop: Mudbrick! Mudbrick Vineyard is a beautiful (make that really beautiful) winery on the island located about 5 minutes above the hills of town. The restaurant onsite had earned awards for best cuisine in several different categories so we felt confident in our food selections and we were rewarded with not only gorgeous looking presentation but savory dishes as well! Noah had lamb, Knape had scallops, and I had a guacamole souffle with encrusted potato around it (see photos). What an incredible way to enjoy our final meal of the trip and what incredible food to have before our long flight home!

We finished our lunch and ran off to another winery for some wine shots (you try doing a wine tasting of 6 wines in less than 5 minutes… it is not easy!) where we bought a few more bottles to round us out to 9 bottles total (for Noah and I )before rushing to get a taxi for the ferry boat back to the mainland. As you might have guessed (I’m sure my parents have by now) we missed the first ferry boat so we took one last trip around the island to the town and explored the beach before heading back.

When we arrived back to the mainland we ran to the car, since now we were extremely rushed to get to the airport (which should surprise none of our friends). We loaded up and I drove us quickly, yet safely, to AKL with a few minutes to spare! We really try to arrive at the airport early; however, something always gets in the way.

We boarded our flight from AKL -> LAX and settled in for the 12 hour journey + 3 more hours LAX to DFW. A very, very full day of travel.

That’s it! We had an -AMAZING- adventure in the southern hemisphere on the other side of the world (almost). I cannot even begin to explain to you how beautiful NZ is, and while our photos will not do it justice (they never do) I suggest you check out our photos on Facebook and Flickr to see our adventures.

Also, NZ is actively looking to import talent into the country, so if you meet the needs of their immediate skill shortage list or long-term skill shortage list it is worth applying; it would be an incredible country to live in! And yes… my application is already being filled out!


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