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Vegan food on Air New Zealand

By June 15, 2010Personal

Vegan + Air New Zealand = Impressive!

I would be remiss if I did not write a quick comment around the vegan food I just experience on my Air New Zealand flight from LAX to AKL on 4 June 2010. As a vegan with a dairy allergy I am always concerned about the food I will find on long-haul international flights; typically I am told that I will have a vegan meal yet the package ingredients will clearly say it contains milk or I will find myself with nothing but a plate of tomatoes.

Vegan meal on Air New ZealandThis was not the case with Air New Zealand as their vegan meal for me was WONDERFUL! My dinner plate consisted of steamed vegetables with potato and corn cakes under a fresh tomato sauce, a dairy-free roll with vegan butter, fresh fruit and of course a fairly nice New Zealand wine. However, the really impressive meal was for my breakfast: a very delicious tofu scramble with spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, tofu, corn, beans and more followed by more fresh fruit with an oat and honey bar and a nice mimosa (my first official drink of the day not counting my two Bloody Marys at the LAX Admirals Club Lounge.

The flight crew was also just as impressive and it is no surprise that Air New Zealand has recently won yet another award for its service. All airlines could stand a lot to learn from AIRNZ and hopefully some of them will.

Thanks again Air New Zealand for making the start of my day (after a 12-hour flight) a very good one with great service, excellent vegan food, and smiles all-around!

Have you ever flown Air New Zealand? Ever had good or great airline food? Tell me your experiences in the comments!

Corey Rawdon

Corey Rawdon

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  • Sri says:

    That was really informative piece of information you wrote. I am about to take a long trip with Air New Zealand and your inputs came as a blessing in disguise.

    Now I can be rest assured about the food and worry about my packing!!


  • Haley Bazley says:

    Ohh I am so glad you wrote that!! I am going to LAX in a few days and was worried about the vegan-vegetarian option. I love Air New Zealand! My favourite airline.

  • Pradeep Kandola says:

    I am flying Air NZ mid October and have been concerned about my Vegan meals (asked for vegetarian, which they do have but offer Vegan). The above description sounds pretty good. Thanks!

  • Teresa says:

    I recently flew to NZ from California (Nov 2013) and was SO impressed with my vegan meals. I am still trying to find out what the breakfast was that was served, it was so delicious. I’m so incredibly impressed with their chef, and could not have been happier with all the meals served on flights to and from NZ.

  • Gundula Guldner says:

    I know this is a long time ago you wrote this, but hopefully Air New Zealand is still up to date with their vegan meals…I am looking forward to our flight to LAX. Thanks for posting

    • Corey Rawdon says:

      Hi Gundula, Air New Zealand has kept up to date and they continue to offer some of the best vegan meals in the airline industry. You should enjoy your flight and rest easy knowing that you will have great vegan food!

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